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Hi all

In preparation for this weekends State Championships and any other State level competition, including League Rounds, sort through your wardrobes for items that fit the uniform requirments. A white shirt, with navy blue trousers/skirt/dress shorts and black shoes. It is likely to be too warm for the additional navy blue jacket requirement this time round.

Moving on to the lifters uniform requirments:



  • A collarless T shirt under a one piece lifting suit
  • Close-fitting pants under a one-piece lifting suit
  • A full body, one-piece unitard under a one-piece lifting suit
  • The top of a unitard that covers the elbows under  a one-piece lifting suit / or just the bottoms of a unitard under a one-piece lifting suit


  • Pants and a top instead of a one-piece lifting costume
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • A shirt with a collar
  • Anything that covers the elbows (apart from a unitard)
  • Any clothing that displays words, slogans, or images other than brand trademarks and/or weightlifting club / team names or logos
  • A lifting belt wider than 120mm
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Updated Technical Official Roster 27 March



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Updated Entry List State Championships V2


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Queenslander's Excel at Australian International

Tia-Clair Toomey (Photo courtesy of AWF)

Congratulations to the three Queenslander’s named in the Australian Team for the Australian International held over three days last weekend in Melbourne. Alyce Stephenson (CWC) and Brandon Wakeling (GCWC) wearing the Australian lifting suit for the first time, along with Olympian Tia-Clair Toomey (CFG).

It was a HUGE competition – very well run – thank you to the VWA and the AWF for a great event! All categories were heavily contested, making it a great viewing spectacle for the large crowds who came along to support the lifters.

In the first category of the competition Alyce Stephenson lifting in the 48kg started off her Australian International experience in perfect form, successful with all 6 of her lifts. Setting a new PB Clean and Jerk of 81kg, finishing with a 137kg total to bring home a bronze medal in both the Open & International competition.

Alyce Stephenson (Photo courtesy of the AWF)

Michaela Warwick achieved new PB’s of 67kg in the Snatch and a PB total of 146kg to make the qualifying total for World Juniors lifting in the 53kg category  

Tia-Clair Toomey lifting in the 58kg class set a new PB total of 195kg – a new Queensland Senior total record, and finishing 24kg ahead of the NZ lifter to take out the Gold medal in both the Open & International competition. Tia-Clair’s result saw her achieve the best Australian Female on Sinclair for the competition.

Mellissa Robinson’s (CWC) total of 148kg in the 58kg set new Queensland Masters records in the 35-39 years age group of 83kg in the Clean and Jerk and 148kg in the total.

Rebecca Jakubovsky (DBC) total of 133 kg in the 58kg category had her setting a new and PB Clean and Jerk of 77kg – the smile said it all! And PB total of 133kg.

Jessica Edge (CWC) achieved a 124kg total in the 58kg category. Jacinta Carroll (BBC) competing in the 63kg category achieved a new PB Clean and Jerk of 89kg to achieve a 155kg total. Bianca Sheppard (TWA) also competing in the 63kg category finished with a 150kg total.

Bounce Weightlifting Club member Andrea Miller lifting for NZ in the 69kg category took out both the gold medals in the International and Open Competitions with a PB Clean and Jerk of 110kg and total of  201kg.

A number of lifters competed in the 69kg category: Ebony Gorincu (CWC) totaled of 180 in the 69kg; Kate Fyfe (CWC) totaled 177kg; Adrienne Karniewicz new PB clean and jerk of 94kg, finishing with a total of 167kg; Amie Cox (CWC) lifting in the 75kg category set a new PB clean and jerk of 84kg to finish with a total of 149kg.

Ema Seiuli (CWC) lifting in the 90kg+ category set a new PB Clean and Jerk of 112 kg to finish with a total of 188kg; and Chloe Kerwick (SWC) set a new PB snatch of 72kg to finish with a 158kg total; and Susan Schirmer (TWA) set a new PB Clean and Jerk of 88kg, finishing with a total of 153kg.

The Queensland men also made the most of this great opportunity to increase their competition platform experience. In the 56kg category Lynton Hargrave (BWC) finished with a 176kg total; and Brad Peters nursing an injury managed to secure his lifts overhead to achieve a total.

Brandon Wakeling (GCWC) in the 69kg category placed 5th from a field of 18 with his PB Snatch of 115kg and Total of 255kg. Guyan Jayaratne achieved a total of 195kg in the same category.


Brandon Wakeling (Photo courtesy of the AWF)


Queensland fielded a number of lifters in the 77kg category: Leo Lark lifting successfully set a new PB Total of 284kg; Mitchell Eichmann (MWC) set new PB’s all-round with 105kg in the Snatch, 130kg in the Clean and Jerk, and 235kg in the total; Chris McCallum (TWA) finished with a 205kg total.

Ben Ward (BWC) lifting in the 85kg category finished with a 270kg total; Matthew Lydement (BBC) lifting in the 105kg category finished with a 295kg total; Regan Hams (BWC) also in the same category announced retirement as he concentrates more on utilizing his coaching skills.

Great to see such a large number of Queensland coaches in attendance – Angela Wydall, Greg Hobl, Miles Wydall, Sonia Stenhouse, Linzey Beister, Coral Quinell, Regan Hams and Damon Kelly.

Also great to see a large number of Queensland Technical Officials in action – Ian Moir (was worried at one stage there – thought he had been superglued to the Jury table chair – he seemed to be sitting there constantly), Coral Quinell, Deb Keelan, Alex Croot, Deborah Acason, and, Kara Stuart.

Also of note was Erika Yamasaki’s demonstration of what skills a loader needs to display. Great work!!!

And a huge thank you to the small band of loaders from Queensland who were able to contribute significantly towards the success of this competition.





Published on 26 Mar 17 - 12:58

Technical Official Draft Roster State Championships

Dear all

Thank you for getting back to us so promptly with your availability for next weekend’s State Championships at Cougars Weightlifting Club, Chandler. It is appreciated!

Please find a copy of the draft Technical Official roster by clicking on the link below.


You will note that some individuals are being considerably overworked at this stage. Please help us share the jobs around a little more evenly. This is a great competition to officiate at - it will help you check off the boxes necessary to progress along the Officiating Pathway, and you get a front row seat to watch Queenslands best lifters in action.

Please also let us know if the times that have been allocated to you don’t suit.

Have a great weekend!



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