EOI Technical Officials National U15 & Youth Championships

Dear all,

Please refer to the attachment below containing the referee availability e-form for the 2017 Australian U15/Youth Championships taking place at Cougars Weightlifting Club, Chandler, Brisbane, QLD during the weekend of 8-9 July.

Completed forms to be submitted no later than Sunday 25th June, 2017 via email

CLICK HERE for forms.

Have a great week!



Published on 19 Jun 17 - 12:50

General update

All of Queensland Weightlifting wish Michaela Warwick, Ben Ward and Liam Saxby all the very best as they head off to Tokyo, Japan to compete at the IWF World Junior Championships 16-23 June. A great honour for the 3 Queenslanders in the 8 member Australian Weightlifting team!!

This weekend we see the running of Round 2 of the JME Qld Club Challenge over a good part of the State. With competitions as far north as Cairns, as far west as Miles, and south to the Gold Coast.

Just over 3 weeks now till Queensland hosts the 2017 AWF National U15 & Youth Championships at Cougars Weightlifting Club, Chandler. Queensland has 55 lifters entered to lift. Mark it off in your diary to come along and support our young lifters over the 2 days of competition on the 8-9th July. There will be heaps of opportunities to volunteer - general (Loading, computer, hospitality, medal ceremony assistants, First Aid) and Technical Official - email if you would like to help out.

We have also had some exciting news filter through to the QWA Office with Sonia Stenhouse being appointed as the Team Manager for the Australian Junior team competing at the Commonwealth Championships at the Gold Coast, 4-9 September. Congratulations Sonia!!!!

Published on 13 Jun 17 - 14:00

Tech0 Newsletter

To cap off the 43 Queensland team member numbers, we also saw 12 Queenslanders on the Technical Officiating team for the National Senior & Junior Championships in Hobart. All rugged up ready for the challenge – after last years freezing Masters, we found that Weightlifting Tasmania had stoked up the heat this time round.

Lawrie Townsend, Coral Quinell, Kylie Booth, Barry Harden, John Hanlon, Deb Keelan, Alex Croot, Lesley Moyle, Kara Stuart, Wendy Pakchung, Melissa Robinson, and Craig Wegert worked long hours over the 3 day competition to ensure the competition ran smoothly.

We were able to include a debrief/education session for the Technical Officials during the competition. A reminder to all to do the NEW QWA online referee training. 36 QWA members have completed this training to date. To access the training just log into your QWA account and select the Refereeing training option. This is a great way of staying up-to-date with rule changes.Please complete this training even if you are already a qualified referee.

As a quick update:

No longer is there a restriction on how much of the leg that knee bandages cover;

Wrist bandages can now reach anywhere up to 5cm from the elbow;

Unitards can be worn under the lifting suit, but must be of only one colour and have no pattern;

Belts must be no wider than 12cm;

Referees need to remain in their seats for Medal presentation.

The next project in sight is the National under 15 & Youth Championships here in Queensland at Cougars Weightlifting Club over the weekend of the 8th-9th July. EOI for Officiating duties will be sent out shortly.See you all there :)

Published on 9 Jun 17 - 15:49

Queensland Rules - National Seniors & Juniors 2017!!!

2017 Australian Junior/Senior Championships, Hobart.

QUEENSLANDER!!  Congratulations to the 43 members of the Queensland Weightlifting Team who took to the National Platform in Hobart 2-4th June 2017.  What an incredible result, taking out all 4 team points shields:  Junior Male & Female and Senior Male & Female!  Congratulations also to Leo Lark for being awarded Best Male Lifter for the Championships.  This National competition has proven to be one of the most successful for Queensland for many years, and every lifter should feel very proud of their achievements.

--:--Qld Team 2017--:--

Shield Presentation - Go Queensland!! 

Temperatures may have been a little cooler in Hobart than us Queenslanders are accustomed to, however the venue at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds was warm and easily accommodated the needs of our lifters, officials and spectators throughout the 3-day competition.  There was certainly plenty of maroon visible every day, and as usual our Team spirit shone; with our lifters turning out to cheer and support each other at every session they could. 

There were some very memorable individual performances over the 3 days of competition; many medals won and countless PB’s broken by our Queensland athletes.  Some very close tussles made for a very exciting event to watch. Every session drew an impressive crowd of spectators and the AWF live video link made it very easy for the people at home to keep up with the action.

Leo Lark - Best Male Lifter


Full Competition Results available: CLICK HERE

Qld Medallists Australian Junior/Senior Championships

Female Senior

Alyce Stephenson  Gold F48
Tara Noonan Bronze F53
Melissa Robinson Bronze F58
Ebony Gorincu Bronze F75
Deborah Acason Gold F90
Saphire Abraham Silver F90
Ema Seiuli Silver F90+

Female Junior

Chelsea Nicoll Silver F48
Maddison Power Gold F53
Olivia Lohan Silver F69
Maddie Whatman Silver F75
Saphire Abraham Gold F90

Mens Senior

Lynton Hargrave Gold M56
Brandon Wakeling Gold M69
Leo Lark Gold M77
Matthew Lydement Silver M105
Damon Kelly Gold M105+

Mens  Junior

Matthew Eichmann Silver M62
Mitchell Daniels Silver M69
Ethan Catlow-Elliott Gold M77
Keisuke Hisashi Silver M77
Corey Smith Bronze M77
Liam Saxby Gold M85
Lawson Dingle Gold M105
Sharn Slade Silver M105+

Of course, every Team’s success is also the result of much hard work and co-ordination behind the scenes, before and during the event, by Team Coaches and Officials. 

Queensland Team Officials:  Miles Wydall (Head Coach), Angela Wydall (Coach), Greg Hobl (Coach), Linzey Beister (Coach) and Sonia Stenhouse (Team Manager). 

Recognition must also go to Deb Keelan, Acting General Manager, QWA, and Administration Assistant, Kylie Booth for their tireless work in co-ordinating our team’s participation in this year’s Australian Championships.  An extra BIG thank you for all the hard work that Sonia put into her role as Team Manager J

Thank you also to the band of hard-working Queensland Technical Officials at the event. Lawrie Townsend, Coral Quinell, Kylie Booth, Barry Harden, John Hanlon, Deb Keelan, Alex Croot, Lesley Moyle, Kara Stuart, Wendy Pakchung, Melissa Robinson, Craig Wegert.

A very big thankyou to Weightlifting Tasmania for hosting such a successful National Championships and for their warm hospitality during our Team’s stay in Hobart.  We understand the amount of work that goes into hosting an event such as this, and we certainly appreciate all their effort.  Well done.

Sonia Stenhouse - Manager,

Queensland Team -  2017 National Senior & Junior Championships


Published on 9 Jun 17 - 14:30

MASTERS // 2017 June

QWA Masters Newsletter

JUNE 2017

This month we're excited to congratulate Diana Loy on her induction into the IWF Masters Hall of Fame at the 2017 World Masters Games. Read all about Diana's incredible achievements in the Meet our Masters article.

We'd also like to congratulate Qld Masters Tara Noonan, Callum Hannay and Leanne Knox on their appointments to the QWA Management Committee for 2017.

We hope your training is going well and you're taking steps to stay fit and healthy now that the cooler weather is upon us.

We need your photos! We'd love to feature different lifters from all over Queensland in the newsletter, so please email us at We'd also love to hear your ideas for future issues.

QWA Masters Committee
Tara Noonan, Callum Hannay, Lawrie Townsend, Barry Harden & Nathan Sainsbury.

Upcoming Events (Masters Highlights)

Jun 17-18 JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 (Various Clubs)
No qualifying requirements, contact your local club to enter
Aug 5-6 Uesaka Barbell Australia Masters League Round 2 (Gold Coast)
Uesaka League qualifying & rules / Registrations open mid-July
Aug 12 Qld Masters Squad Training (Gold Coast)
Social day, open to all. Register your interest via Facebook
Aug 26-27 Qld Masters Championships (Toowoomba)
No qualifying requirements. Registrations open late July
Oct 27-30 Australian Masters Championships (Surfers Paradise)
2017 Masters World Cup
Pacific Rim Masters Tournament
See for entry standards
Nov 25 Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA Masters League Final (Brisbane Barbell) Uesaka League qualifying & rules
2017 Senior Nationals

Tassie Bound

Wishing the best of luck to our 3 Qld Masters heading to Tasmania to compete at the 2017 Australian Senior Championships in sunny Hobart this weekend.

  • Tara Noonan - F53 (Brisbane Barbell)
  • Melissa Robinson - F58 (Cougars)
  • Jackson Solofa - M105+ (Cougars/Ipswich Barbell)

This will be the first Senior Nationals for Tara, third for Jackson and sixth for Mel!

Catch the action on the AWF live stream from this Friday through Sunday.

Technical Officals

Referees Please!

The new QWA Online Club Referee Accreditation Course is now available and we encourage all members (even already qualified referees) to complete this free training to keep up to date with new rules. Access the online training by logging in to your QWA account.

Applications are now being accepted for Technical Officiating roles for the 2017 Masters Weightlifting events on the Gold Coast this October. Qualifications of National level and above are required.

2017 World Masters Games

Tips for Keeping Well Over Winter

With winter on the way for us Queenslanders (anything below 25c!), here are our top 5 tips on keeping well over the cooler months.

  1. Warm Up Well: This goes without saying for us Masters athletes, spend some extra time loosening up. Dynamic warmups are crucial for injury prevention, increasing blood flow and joint mobility. Our Synovial fluid (which helps reduce friction between joints) production is not what it used to be. Wear an extra layer of clothing to assist if need be.
  2. Drink Water: Did you know that dehydration decreases sports performance and at 2% dehydration you can be weaker by 10%! You may not appear to sweat as much in cooler weather but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t working hard. The recommended amount is bodyweight (kg) x 0.033 = litres (eg. 60kg athlete is 60 x 0.033 = 1.98L per day, more if you are exercising).
  3. Vitamin C: Found in a myriad of vegetables and fruits, vitamin C does wonders for fighting the flu bug, it’s a great antioxidant and helps build and maintain connective tissues. Easiest tip... Keep a few metres off from the guy fighting man-flu!
  4. Vitamin D: Get out and about as soon as you see the sun! If you take it in a supplement form, best take it with calcium for easier absorption.
  5. Warm Down: After your session take some time to stretch and cool-off. Make sure to throw that jumper back on though. Your immune system is at its most vulnerable post-training.
If you have any other suggestions feel free to share with us at and keep training hard!
Recipe of the Month

Recipe of the Month by Ellen Willis

Broccoli, Sweet Potato Soup with Quinoa & Fetta

  • 1/2 cup of quinoa
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 brown onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 300g of sweet potato, peeled and cubed
  • 1 large head of broccoli (about 450g), stems & florets separated
  • 4 cups of chicken stock
  • 100g baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp finely grated lemon rind
  • 80g reduced fat Danish feta, crumbled
  1. Place quinoa and 150ml of water in a saucepan over high heat. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to low. Cook, covered , stirring occasionally for 10-12 minutes or until tender. Drain and refresh and under cold running water.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pan over a medium heat.
  3. Add onion and garlic. Cook, stirring for 3 minutes or until soft.
  4. Stir in sweet potatoes and chopped broccoli stalks only.
  5. Add the stock and 100 ml of water & bring to the boil over high heat. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until just tender.
  6. Add the broccoli florets and simmer for 6 minutes, until tender.
  7. Add the baby spinach and mint. Simmer for 1 minute, until wilted.
  8. Process with a stick blender or pour into a blender and blend until smooth.
  9. Stir in lemon juice and season as desired.
  10. Divide among bowls, top with quinoa, grated lemon rind, & crumbled feta, serve & enjoy

Meet our Masters - Diana Loy

With 30 years of experience under her weightlifting belt, Diana Loy is one of Australia's most accomplished athletes, which was recognised last month at the World Masters Games where she was inducted into the IWF Masters Hall of Fame (Watch the presentation here).

She has competed at 4 World Open Championships; an incredible 12 World Masters Championships; has broken Australian Open, World Masters and World Masters Games records; and is the current Queensland and Australian Masters record holder for the Clean & Jerk and Total across 2 age categories. Diana competes in the 50-54 age group and trains at Milton Weightlifting Club.

I first got involved in weightlifting in 1987 when I was 22 and a 5th year medical student at the University of Queensland. I'd joined the gym at UQ Sport and started off doing some bodybuilding, but found it boring after a while as it had no endpoint. For about 3 years I did some powerlifting, which was fun at the time, but found it disappointing that the sport relies heavily on the use of artificial aids (eg knee wraps) to enhance strength. Olympic lifting was a more genuine sport which required a lot more skill and technique and no artificial aids.

Over my career I have represented Australia 16 times, which has taken me to many countries and all over Europe, including Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, France, Italy, Denmark and Poland. I was at the World Masters Champshionships in Europe one year where the check scales were in the training area. There was an 80 year old European man stripping down to nothing in front of everyone to check his weight...we didn't know where to look! Obviously European people have less modesty in general.

Tell us Diana, after so many years in the sport, how do you stay motivated to keep training?

My motivation comes from always wanting to do well, breaking records and trying to defy the laws of nature (ie ageing process). I don't use my age as an excuse not to train hard! I enjoy the training immensely so I don't require a lot of motivation. I still train 3 times a day!

My advice to fellow masters lifters would be work on technique and speed. A lot of masters are too slow. Warm up well to prevent injury.

Thank you Diana, you certainly provide inspiration for our younger lifters (and other Masters!) to continue training and competing into older age.

Diana Loy
Published on 25 May 17 - 15:24


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