Round 1 JME 2017 Queensland Clubs Challenge Results - updated

Dear clubs


My apologies to the clubs that didn't have their results included in the initial notice of the JME Round 1 results.

Please find the updated results below.


Rank Club Round 1
1 Gold Coast WC 779.36
2 Milton WC 745.49
3 Cougars WC 743.72
4 Whitsunday WC 634.54
5 Alive Barbell 624.38
6 Toowoomba WA 592.84
7 Sunshine Coast  569.49
8 Bounce WC 482.76
9 North Brisbane WC 481.05
10 Dungeon BC 461.20
11 Saints WC 449.75
12 Berserker WC 407.65
13 Stay True WC 400.85
14 Jimboomba WC 375.57
15 Fusion WC 372.75
16 IOWA 358.95
17 Crossfit CQ Mavericks 325.34
18 Cairns Green Ants 206.99
Published on 21 Feb 17 - 18:02

Round 1 JME 2017 Queensland Clubs Challenge Results

Fantastic to see so many lifters back on the competition platform so early in the year. Results for Round 1 can be found below. You can find the results in full detail on the AWF site at:Click here

Congratulations to Gold Coast Weightlifting club members on their number 1 ranking!!

Rank Club Round 1
1 Gold Coast WC 779.36
2 Milton WC 745.49
3 Cougars WC 743.72
4 Whitsunday WC 634.54
5 Alive Barbell 624.38
6 Sunshine Coast  569.49
7 Bounce WC 482.76
8 North Brisbane WC 481.05
9 Dungeon BC 461.20
10 Berserker WC 407.65
11 Stay True WC 400.85
12 Jimboomba WC 375.57
13 Fusion WC 372.75
14 IOWA 358.95
15 Crossfit CQ Mavericks 325.34
16 Cairns Green Ants 206.99
Published on 14 Feb 17 - 13:24

Queenslanders named in the AWF 2017 IWF World Youth Championships team!!

The QWA congratulates the Queenslanders named in the 2017 IWF World Youth Championships team to compete in Bangkok in April.

Athletes: Mia Gaudry and Ben Ward

Personal Coaches: Damon Kelly and Regan Hams

Support Personnel: Regan Hams and Deborah Acason.

The QWA wishes you all the very best with your preparations.

Published on 8 Feb 17 - 17:55

QWA News Bulletin

1 February 2017


2017 has certainly got off to an extremely busy start. The first round of the JME Qld Club Challenge competitions were run over the weekend, with Gold Coast Weightlifting Club and Cougars Weightlifting Club both staging full day competitions. Results of the competitions are still coming in to the QWA Office, and progressively being uploaded onto the AWF site. Results of Round 1 will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Meantime for new lifters, we will be updating your QWA membership profile to show your Division so that you can enter the League competition online – email the QWA Office at  if you have any questions about this.


The second edition of the QWA Masters Newsletter has now reached all your inboxes. A big thank you to the Masters Committee team for all your hard work in putting this together.


Congratulations to all the athletes selected in the Commonwealth Games Australia Shadow Team. In particular WELL DONE to the 10 Queenslanders!



Erika Yamasaki

Tegan Napper

Tia-Clair Toomey

Seen Lee

Kiana Elliott

Jessica Lai

Philippa Malone

Camilla Fogagnolo

Ebony Gorincu

Marnie Becker

Jenna Myers

Kylie Lindbeck

Tahina Booth

Sofia Zudova

Kaitlyn Fassina



Hamish Adam

Brandon Wakeling

James Delaney

Dun Chu

Joshua Wu

Kanishka Guyan Jayaratne

Francois Etoundi

Daniel Katz

Leo Lark

Malek Chamoun

Mitchell Delbridge

Liam Larkins

Simplice Ribouem

Samuel Kennedy

Zac Grgurevic

Matthew Lydement

Damon Kelly

Philip Wood


The AWF Board has announced the newly appointed members of the AWF High Performance Advisory Group:

Chair Brendan Kennedy

Member Angela Wydall

Member Greg Haff

Member Greg Hobl

Member Jennifer Sanchez

Member Leo Isaac

Member Lyn Jones

Member Miles Wydall

Member Robert Mitchell

Congratulations to the 3 Queensland Coaches!!!


The QWA is pleased to advise that the following QWA members where successful in their applications for a subsidised AWF Coaching course place.

Level 1 – Chloe Kerwick - Saints Weightlifting Club

Level 2 – Leanne Knox – Whitsunday; Rebecca Jakubovsky – Dungeon, Malcolm Wright – Dungeon, Sharon Wright – Dungeon.

This is made possible with the generous support of the AWF. The QWA appreciates this assistance in training up new Coaches, and also upgrading the knowledge and skills of our current Level 1 coaches.

More information about coaching courses can be found at:  The next Level 1 course for Queensland is being run at Cougars Weightlifting Club on the 11`-12 February. If you need further information email


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Volunteers

There’s still time to volunteer for the GC2018 Weightlifting competition, but the window of opportunity is closing fast. To be part of this great event, you must lodge your expression of interest by 10th February. Email Ian Moir at for information and EOI forms.



Published on 1 Feb 17 - 19:02

MASTERS // 2017 February

QWA Masters Newsletter


We hope your training for the new year is off to a great start! If you have any suggestions on how we can make QWA Masters better, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

The 2017 IWF Rule Book is now available online, please note the changes to the width of bandages at wrists.

We hope to see you all out in force at Round 1 of the Uesaka QWA Masters League at the end of the month. Happy lifting!

QWA Masters Committee
Callum Hannay, Tara Noonan, Lawrie Townsend, Barry Harden & Nathan Sainsbury.

Upcoming Events (Masters Highlights)

February 25-26 Uesaka Barbell Australia Masters League Round 1 (Cougars)
REGISTER NOW! / Qualifying & rules / FB Event / Entries close 12 Feb
April 21-30 IWF World Masters Championships
& World Masters Games (Auckland, NZ)
REGISTER NOW! / Qualifying info / Entries close 3 March
May 27-28 AWF Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Course
Level 1 (Gold Coast).
REGISTER NOW! / Course info / Facebook Event
August 5-6 Uesaka Barbell Australia Masters League Round 2 (Gold Coast)
Uesaka League qualifying & rules / Registrations open mid-July
August 12 Qld Masters Squad Training (Gold Coast)
Social day, open to all. Register your interest via Facebook
August 26-27 Qld Masters Championships (Toowoomba)
No qualifying requirements. Registrations open late July

World Masters Registration Extended!

2017 World Masters Games

The qualification period for the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland has been extended to 3 March. This gives you Uesaka League Round 1 on Feb 25/26 as an additional opportunity to meet the qualifying total.

Read the Event Info Guide here

If you have registered, follow AWF Masters on Facebook for updates on team selection, uniforms etc. Information will be sent to registrants regarding coaches for the event. Athletes may appoint a personal coach or elect for a coach to be assigned to them.

Please send any questions directly to Coral Quinell at

JME Qld Club Challenge - Round 1

Congratulations to the masters who made their competition debut at Round 1 of the JME Qld Club Challenge over the weekend. Full results from all clubs are available here.

Round 2 of the JME Qld Club Challenge will take place on 17 & 18 June. There are no additional entry requirements - contact your club directly to enter.

2017 Gold Coast Masters Weightlifting

Taking the plunge into competition...

Competing for the first time in weightlifting can be a daunting task. For some, the thought of competing sends shivers down their spine and for others it awakens the competitive beast within!

This month, three masters have shared with us their “First Competition” stories...

Rawena - I entered my first competition with just 6 weeks training under my belt. I didn’t completely understand the ins and outs, all I did was go out and lift the bar. Following myself into the next lift I was prompted by Linzey... “Stop high fiving everyone and go do your lift!” Spice Girls were playing in the background and I didn’t want it to stop! Achieving 6/6 lifts I was stoked and really enjoyed the feeling of competing. The first thing I thought once it was over was “When is the next one!”

Romi - My first competition was at GCWC. I didn’t feel nervous but being new to the sport I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had so much fun but when it was finished I thought to myself “Thank goodness its over!”

CoralMy first weightlifting competition was the Masters Nationals in Adelaide 2001. I was 43 years old and I remember having to lose 3.5kgs to make body weight so spent quite some time in the sauna! I felt lost and out of my depth even after the lifting was over... but to my delight I won the Silver!

For tips on competing for the first time, read Tara's article over on the Torian blog - What to expect at your first weightlifting competition

Meet our Masters – Lawrie Townsend

Lawrie began weightlifting in the early 70’s at the age of 23 at the Melbourne YMCA, where 7 of the 9 lifters were Australian Champions and he was told he was too old!

He was involved in competition for a few years, but found it difficult to juggle training and work commitments. After relocating to Brisbane to study, Lawrie was given a second chance at the sport he loved, which coincided with the time when Masters weightlifting was launched internationally.

Lawrie has competed at the majority of IWF Masters Championships in the last 20 years, and until 2016 held the role of Australian Vice Chair on the IWF Masters Committee.

An experienced physiotherapist, Lawrie has a keen interest in the positive aspects weightlifting has on the human body in terms of aerobic fitness, mobility and muscle tone; the three most important physical components to ageing.

Since retiring from private practice Lawrie has more time to concentrate on training, and share his great passion for Masters weightlifting with local athletes. He is a valuable asset to the Qld Masters community and we are incredibly fortunate to have him on our committee to share his wealth of knowledge.

If you have a question for Lawrie you'd like answered in our next newsletter, please send us an email.

Lawrie Townsend

Special Offer for QWA Masters

This month we have partnered with Old Man Strength, a new Australian apparel brand and online community catering exclusively for the over 35's. The website features various styles of men's clothing and a blog with some fantastic articles suitable for everyone on topics such as motivation, mindset and some of the physical challenges masters athletes face as we age.

We have a special offer for all QWA Masters.. enter the code QWAmembers upon checkout and receive 25% off your order!

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