Preliminary Entry List & Schedule Qld Junior & U23 Championships

For information regarding the upcoming State Junior & U23 Championships to be held in Toowoomba 1-2 June 2019 please click on the links below:

Preliminary entries & Schedule

A4 Poster

Published on 21 May 19 - 9:24

EOI Technical Officials for Masters Gold Coast Competition

EOI for Technical Officials are being sought for the Oceania Masters Championships, Commonwealth Masters Championships, Pacific Rim Masters Championships at the Gold Coast 14-16 June 2019

All level of Technical Officials from State through to International Cat 1 are required. Make the most of this opportunity to gain skills on home ground. Please find form here: EOI referee's along with further information about RSVP dates, competition timetable and roles suitable for different levels of TO's.


Need more info: email

Published on 20 May 19 - 11:18

Nominations received for the election of officers for the AGM 2nd June 2019

Nominations received for the election of officers

to the QWA Management Committee

at the Annual General Meeting

to be held in Toowoomba at 8am on Sunday 2nd June 2019



Position                             Nominee                                             Proposer                   Seconder

President                           Mike Keelan                                       Fiona Redhead        Coral Quinell

Vice President                  Greg Hobl                                            Mikaela Dorge         Lawson Dingle

Treasurer                           Rebecca Gowland                             Teal Hildebrand       Tori Gallegos

Secretary                           Rawena Tairi                                      Callum Hannay        Debra Keelan

Ordinary member            Callum Hannay                                  Rawena Tairi            Brandon Wakeling                                           

                                            Leanne Knox                                       Robert Knox             Malcolm Briody                                           

                                            Damon Kelly                                       Miles Wydall            Angela Wydall

                                            Lawrie Townsend                              Coral Quinell            Fiona Redhead

                                            Mike Keelan                                       Fiona Redhead        Coral Quinell


Motion submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Weightlifting Association Inc to be held in Toowoomba on Sunday 2 June 2019


A. Update Item Number 26 of the By Law of the QWA Constitution to read:

26. Policies and By-laws

26.1 Making and amending Policies and By-laws

26.1.1. The Committee may from time to time make Policies and By-laws which in their opinion are necessary or desirable for the control, administration and management of the Association’s affairs and may amend, repeal and replace those Policies and By-laws.

26.1.2. The Committee in General Meeting may amend, repeal or replace any Policy or By-law made by the Committee without affecting the validity of acts or decisions made by the Committee or anyone authorised to act pursuant to that Policy or By-law.

26.1.3. The Policies and By-laws referred to in clause 26.1.1 take effect immediately after the Committee have approved of the Policy or By-law on the Members and shall be of force and effective from that date.

26.2. Effect of Policies and By-laws

A Policy or By-law:

26.2.1. is subject to this Constitution;

26.2.2. must be consistent with this Constitution;

26.2.3. when in force, is binding on all Members and has the same effect as a provision in this Constitution; and

26.2.4. may be overruled if a resolution to that effect is passed by the Members at a General Meeting.

PROPOSED Rawena Tairi. SECONDED Debra Keelan


B. Nomination for Life membership of the QWA.

Published on 18 May 19 - 11:19

AGM Notice (wide circulation)

Notice of QWA AGM

QWA Constitution including Proxy voting form (proxy information page 14-15 Point 9)

Minutes of 2018 AGM


Previously circulated via email to QWA Affiliated Clubs 27/4/2019

Date claimers:

Closing date for nominations for Management Committee members 17th May 2019;

Closing date for lodging of Motions to the AGM 17th May 2019;

QWA  AGM: 2nd June 2019 8am in Toowoomba conjunction with the Queensland State Junior and U23 Championships.

Please RSVP details of your Clubs attendance and the identity of your Club representative by Monday 27th June 2019 to

Breakfast voucher will be given to those attending the AGM. 

Published on 10 May 19 - 12:06

Important Anti-Doping Compliance Information

Dear State Members,


Please see the information below, received from the IWF today.


All of the Australian athletes selected for the Pacific Games / Oceania Championships / Commonwealth Championships are up to date with their whereabouts filing, however those who have submitted their information to the end of the current quarter (June 30) only, must remember to submit their whereabouts information for the next quarter (July – Sept) before the end of June.






Ian Moir
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Weightlifting Federation

Tel: +61 408 955 698



From: ADAMS <> 
Sent: Thursday, 9 May 2019 6:37 PM
To: ADAMS <>
Subject: Whereabouts submission for IWF Events
Importance: High


To the attention of all Member Federations of the IWF



President/General Secretary



Dear Sir/Madam,


Please note that in the upcoming two to three months the following IWF Events are going to take place:


  • IWF Junior World Championships (Gold Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: OVER (1st March 2019)
  • British Weightlifting Championships - Senior Open (Bronze Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline:OVER ( 7th April 2019)
  • Pan-American Junior Championships (Gold Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: OVER (23rd April 2019)
  • Japan-China-Korea Friendship Tournaments - Tokyo 2020 Test Event (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline : OVER (6th May 2019)
  • Zone 2 African Senior Championships (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline : OVER (6th May 2019)
  • Oceania Senior and Junior Championships (Gold Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 9th May 2019
  • Oceania Youth Championships - ADAMS Deadline: 9th May 2019
  • Pacific Games (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 9th May 2019
  • Commonwealth Senior and Junior Championships - (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 9th May 2019
  • Commonwealth Youth Championships - ADAMS Deadline: 9th May 2019
  • Pan American Games (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 26th May 2019
  • 12th All African Games (Silver Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 24th June 2019
  • Cup of Blue Swords (Bronze Level Qualification Event) - ADAMS Deadline: 29th June 2019
  • Pan-American Youth Championships - ADAMS Deadline: 29th June 2019


For further information regarding IWF Events and other weightlifting competitions you can always consult the Calendar on the IWF website:


Please note Article 5.6.5 of the IWF Anti-Doping Policy:

 „An Athlete who is not listed on the IWF’s Registered Testing Pool but wishes to participate in an IWF Event shall provide accurate and complete whereabouts

information as set out at Annex I of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations for a period of at least two months prior to the IWF Event in question.

If the IWF Event is a World Championship (Youth, Junior and/or Senior), then the period shall be of at least three months prior to the event in question. An Athlete

who does not comply with this provision is not eligible to compete at the IWF Event"


Therefore please make sure that the whereabouts information of your Athletes wishing to compete at IWF Events is properly submitted two months before the IWF Event

and three month before the World Championships (Youth/Junior and/or Senior) and throughout the whole competition.


Please note that this applies to Reserve Athletes as well, therefore whereabouts information of Reserve Athletes shall be provided in ADAMS too.


It is extremely crucial for them to be compliant with this rule, for otherwise they will not be able to compete.


Furthermore we herewith draw your attention once again to I.3.4 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations: 

it is the Athlete’s responsibility to ensure that he/she provides all of the information required in a Whereabouts Filing accurately and in sufficient detail to enable any

Anti-Doping Organization wishing to do so to locate the Athlete for Testing- more specifically, 

the Athlete shall provide sufficient information to enable the DCO to find the location, to gain access to the location, and to find the Athlete at the location.


Please note that in accordance with Article 7.14 of IWF ADP 2018 Athletes shall be deemed to be validly notified if any notifications under this Anti-Doping Policy are delivered to their Member Federations.

It is therefore the responsibility of each Member Federation to notify its Athlete's of their whereabouts obligations. 

For the notification of the Athletes you may find the sample letter on the IWF website:


Please note that to register new athletes the updated „NEW ATHLETE FORM”  is available on the IWF website:   


Thank you for your cooperation in advance. 


Do not hesitate to contact us for questions.


Yours sincerely,



International Weightlifting Federation
Istvanmezei ut 1-3.
1146 Budapest – HUNGARY

Published on 10 May 19 - 9:53


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