Queensland Rules - National Seniors & Juniors 2017!!!

2017 Australian Junior/Senior Championships, Hobart.

QUEENSLANDER!!  Congratulations to the 43 members of the Queensland Weightlifting Team who took to the National Platform in Hobart 2-4th June 2017.  What an incredible result, taking out all 4 team points shields:  Junior Male & Female and Senior Male & Female!  Congratulations also to Leo Lark for being awarded Best Male Lifter for the Championships.  This National competition has proven to be one of the most successful for Queensland for many years, and every lifter should feel very proud of their achievements.

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Shield Presentation - Go Queensland!! 

Temperatures may have been a little cooler in Hobart than us Queenslanders are accustomed to, however the venue at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds was warm and easily accommodated the needs of our lifters, officials and spectators throughout the 3-day competition.  There was certainly plenty of maroon visible every day, and as usual our Team spirit shone; with our lifters turning out to cheer and support each other at every session they could. 

There were some very memorable individual performances over the 3 days of competition; many medals won and countless PB’s broken by our Queensland athletes.  Some very close tussles made for a very exciting event to watch. Every session drew an impressive crowd of spectators and the AWF live video link made it very easy for the people at home to keep up with the action.

Leo Lark - Best Male Lifter


Full Competition Results available: CLICK HERE

Qld Medallists Australian Junior/Senior Championships

Female Senior

Alyce Stephenson  Gold F48
Tara Noonan Bronze F53
Melissa Robinson Bronze F58
Ebony Gorincu Bronze F75
Deborah Acason Gold F90
Saphire Abraham Silver F90
Ema Seiuli Silver F90+

Female Junior

Chelsea Nicoll Silver F48
Maddison Power Gold F53
Olivia Lohan Silver F69
Maddie Whatman Silver F75
Saphire Abraham Gold F90

Mens Senior

Lynton Hargrave Gold M56
Brandon Wakeling Gold M69
Leo Lark Gold M77
Matthew Lydement Silver M105
Damon Kelly Gold M105+

Mens  Junior

Matthew Eichmann Silver M62
Mitchell Daniels Silver M69
Ethan Catlow-Elliott Gold M77
Keisuke Hisashi Silver M77
Corey Smith Bronze M77
Liam Saxby Gold M85
Lawson Dingle Gold M105
Sharn Slade Silver M105+

Of course, every Team’s success is also the result of much hard work and co-ordination behind the scenes, before and during the event, by Team Coaches and Officials. 

Queensland Team Officials:  Miles Wydall (Head Coach), Angela Wydall (Coach), Greg Hobl (Coach), Linzey Beister (Coach) and Sonia Stenhouse (Team Manager). 

Recognition must also go to Deb Keelan, Acting General Manager, QWA, and Administration Assistant, Kylie Booth for their tireless work in co-ordinating our team’s participation in this year’s Australian Championships.  An extra BIG thank you for all the hard work that Sonia put into her role as Team Manager J

Thank you also to the band of hard-working Queensland Technical Officials at the event. Lawrie Townsend, Coral Quinell, Kylie Booth, Barry Harden, John Hanlon, Deb Keelan, Alex Croot, Lesley Moyle, Kara Stuart, Wendy Pakchung, Melissa Robinson, Craig Wegert.

A very big thankyou to Weightlifting Tasmania for hosting such a successful National Championships and for their warm hospitality during our Team’s stay in Hobart.  We understand the amount of work that goes into hosting an event such as this, and we certainly appreciate all their effort.  Well done.

Sonia Stenhouse - Manager,

Queensland Team -  2017 National Senior & Junior Championships


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