Tech0 Newsletter November

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the dedicated band of Technical Officials that officiated at last weekends HUGE All Schools Championships at the Gold Coast Weightlifting Club. With 110 lifters lifting over 12 sessions it was a long two days, but well worth the effort when you saw the smiles of the lifters as they left the competition platform. 

We have our last QWA competition for the 2017 calendar in just under two weeks at Brisbane Barbell Club. With the Uesaka Barbell Australia Masters League Final on the 25th November and the Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Final on the 26th November we need your help again.

Please find the TO Schedule and entry lists by following these links.

Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Finals divisions 1-4

Uesaka Barbell Australia Masters League final

TO Roster

Look forward to seeing you all - one more time in 2017!!

The QWA have had additional funding approved through the Embracing 2018 Legacy of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games for Official and Coach development for the period September 1st 2017 to June 30th 2018. Keep an eye out for opportunities to gain a refereeing qualification or upgrade your qualification. The QWA will also be developing an online State level referee learning package as part of this project.

Information regarding the application of IWF Technical rules during the course of a competition, in relation to rarely seen incidents can be found below:

7.10.6 The Timekeeper restarts the timing clock if the barbell does not reach the height of the athletes’ knees. 

2.4.2 In both lifts, the Referees must count as “No lift” any unfinished attempt in which the barbell has reached the height of the knees

Example: With 30 seconds remaining, a lifter lifts the barbell from the platform but does not raise it to the height of the knees and then replaces it on the platform. The lifter can try the lift again within the time limit.

2.5.4 Incorrect movements for the Jerk: Any apparent effort to jerk which is not completed; including, lowering the body or bending the knees.

You can find the IWF Technical rules at:

Have a great week!



Published on 14 Nov 17 - 9:48