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Hi to all our hard - working Technical Officials smiley

The 2018 Again Faster Qld State Championships was another big event for us all. We can be proud that we have another 5 National referees after bringing together enough International referees to form a Jury.

Proving to be a family affair the Hitchener family of father Jim, mother Bronwyn and son Tim were all successfully upgraded to National level referee. Along with Leanne Knox (Whitsundays) and Robyn Morgan ( UP Lift Brisbane).

So how did they all progress from State Referee to National Referee?
To attain the qualification of AWF National Referee, a person must:
•Have held the qualification of State Referee
•Undertake and pass the written examination prescribed by the Australian Weightlifting Federation
•Undertake and pass the practical examination prescribed by the Australian Weightlifting Federation
To be permitted to undertake the examinations for upgrade to AWF National Referee, a Referee must, as a minimum, have satisfactorily fulfilled the following roles within the previous (2) years:
•Referee at three (3) Club or State Open events
•Referee at two (2) State Championship events
•Timekeeper at two (2) State Championship Events
The QWA is able to access a record of your Technical Officiating Activity through the AWF database.

Reminder that all Referees no matter what qualification level need to do the QWA online referee training to keep up-to-date with rule changes. The current IWF Technical rules can be found at:


Published on 1 Jun 18 - 13:09