What will YOU be doing when you are 72?

What will YOU be doing when you are 72?

Deb Keelan caught up with our very own QWA groupie – Lesley Moyle.

“I stumbled into the sport of Weightlifting at the age of 60. I had been heavily involved in sporting clubs my whole life, competing successfully as an individual & in teams, also holding elected positions on Committees.

Weightlifting has been the most mentally challenging of all the sports I have played.  However it has been the only sport to turn my depleting bone density levels around and for a number of years my bone density levels have increased.  I can also thank Weightlifting for giving me more knee flexibility and a much stronger back!

Weightlifting has given me the opportunity for overseas travel with my Weightlifting team mates and friends.  I have competed successfully in Australian Masters’ Teams overseas, setting World Records and winning Best Female Lifter in my Age Group several times.

Little did I expect to visit the likes of Ciechanow in Poland, let alone more well-known locations after World Championships such as Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Glasgow, Venice, Dublin, Killarney, Lake Como to name a few, as part of my life’s journey.

I love watching the young lifters progress over the years.  I have seen many start as youngsters and mature into young strong adults.

Being involved in the Officiating aspect of Weightlifting is very rewarding.  Advancing through the technical ranks is one way to thank the sport for what it has given me.

I very recently achieved the highest Technical achievement possible, gaining my International Category 1 level referee qualification.  I am as proud of this achievement at the age of 72 as I am of all the gold medals and trophies I have won over the years.

If I can overcome a couple of ongoing niggling injuries, I am hoping to compete in the 2019 National Masters’ Championships in Darwin.  I have never been to Darwin.”

Congratulations Lesley you are great role model and supporter of weightlifting and those many hours of swatting for your theory exam paid off with a 100% pass mark.


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Published on 21 Sep 18 - 13:57