QWA Member Survey – Results and Conclusions

Last month, the QWA Management Committee invited members to have their say about the 2018 competition program and to provide suggestions for future event planning.

125 QWA members took the opportunity to respond and the voice of the majority has helped to shape the QWA events calendar for 2019 and, very possibly, beyond.

The name of one lucky survey respondent was drawn at random to receive 12 months free QWA membership. That lucky member is Trevor Walz from the Sunshine Coast. The QWA will waive its portion of Trevor’s membership renewal fee and pay his $35 annual capitation fee to the AWF. So Trevor, we’ve got you covered for 2019.

A full summary of the survey responses can be downloaded here: Survey Results xls File but in general, respondents indicated that:

  • They will participate in State Championships (76%)
  • They will participate in Club competitions (55%)
  • They want the QWA League to continue, but in its previous format (74%)
  • The QWA League format is not too complicated (56%)
  • The Queensland Club Challenge should continue as it is (57%)
  • They would prefer to pay for all competitions rather than see an increase in membership fees (68%)

A high proportion of respondents, but less than 50% said:

  • The current QWA League Divisions make sense (43%)
  • They would lift in a face-to-face inter-club competition (49%)

And from the specific and general feedback provided, it was clear that members:

  • Prefer face-to-face competitions that bring people together in one place
  • Want competitions for Masters lifters
  • Want quick access to results and rankings
  • Like the idea of inter-club competitions
  • Don’t like paying $30 to the QWA for Club competitions
  • Are generally happy with the QWA

At its meeting on 21 November, 2018, the QWA Management Committee considered the survey responses and determined to:

  • Reinstate the QWA League as a series of face-to-face competition rounds conducted in one venue, culminating in a Grand Final;
  • Discontinue the Queensland Cup competition to make way for the League Grand Final;
  • Continue the Queensland Club Challenge as a coordinated series of competitions run by clubs in their own venues, with the QWA office providing online entry support and results management;
  • Apply a $5 QWA levy to the entry fee for ALL Club competitions, including the Qld Club Challenge and any other Club competitions on the official calendar. This levy contributes to the cost of maintaining online registration and results processing. Clubs can add an amount to be retained by them if they wish, but the QWA will only keep $5 per entrant per Club competition;
  • Maintain the following schedule of fees per entrant for QWA events, with $5 per entrant being paid by QWA to the host club:
    • QWA League Rounds and QWA League Grand Final: $30
    • All Queensland Championships except the Qld All Schools Championships: $50
    • Queensland All Schools Championships: free entry*

*$5 per entrant will still be paid to the host club of the Qld All Schools Championships.

The revised draft 2019 QWA Events Calendar has been circulated to QWA Clubs. Applications to host events are due by Monday 26th November and the QWA Management Committee will endorse the final calendar by next Friday, 30 November.

To give our Masters lifters a “heads-up”: the 2019 Queensland Masters Championships will be the first event of the year, on 18th – 20th January.

Published on 22 Nov 18 - 15:44