QWA League & Masters League Final - Done & dusted!!!

The reintroduction of the QWA League & Masters League competition program in 2019 wasn't as well patronised as we had thought it would be. But for those 26 Weightlifting stalwarts who entered the League Final competing at Milton Weightlifting Club on the 23rd November it was a great event, and a suitable way for the QWA to finish its State competition year.

7 lifters set new personal bests and State & National Records were broken.

QWA League Grand Final competition results are here.

The medallists for all groups can be found below.

Masters Women:

1. Susan Hornick - Cougars Weightlifting Club 

2. Tara Noonan - Cougars Weightlifting Club 

3. Angela Barnas - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

Masters Men:

1. Dion Walmsley

2. Nathan Mortensen

3. Steve Graham - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

Division 4:

1. Maximilian Clark - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club

2. Joshua Reynolds - Jimboomba Barbell Club

3. Levi Deans - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

Division 3:

1. Adair Forsyth - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

2. Peter Thomsen - North Brisbane Weightlifting Association

Division 2:

1. Mia Grace - Burleigh Barbell Club

2. Jemma Cowper - Stay True Weightlifting Club

3. Tanya Eames - Toowoomba Weightlifting Association

Division 1:

1. Chevy Sukkar - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

2. Claire Binch - Burleigh Barbell Club

3. Cameron Geraghty - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

Records Broken

Lifter Bwt Cat Age Group Record Level Record Type New Record
Nathan Mortensen M96 Mast 35-39 QLD CJ 131kg
Nathan Mortensen M96 Mast 35-39 AWF TOTAL 236kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 AWF CJ 109kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 QLD CJ 109kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 QLD TOTAL 186kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 AWF CJ 77kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 QLD CJ 77kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 AWF TOTAL 136kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 QLD TOTAL 136kg


A big thankyou to Milton Weightlifting Club for hosting the event, and in particular Tim Redhead for his electronic genius in getting the IT requirements of the competition sorted. Thank you also to the volunteers and TO's - couldn't do it without you.smiley

The League will return in 2020 with 2 rounds, and highest combined score from the 2 rounds going into the final. 

Published on 26 Nov 19 - 9:57