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With the first 2020 QWA League Round fast approaching just a reminder that all of our Technical Officials are required to hold a Blue Card unless you are under 18 years of age.This is a QLD Government requirement and it's easy to apply and as a volunteer they are free. If you hold a Blue Card for your job you will still need to apply for a Blue Card as a volunteer. Teachers and Police Officers who are exempt need to apply for an Exemption Card.

How do I apply?

Information can be located on the QLD Government website at 

You can also find information on the QWA website

New Card - Application

Renew an Expired Blue Card

Exemption Blue Card

Technical Officials Handbook

We have also updated our Technical Officials Handbook for 2020 with some new information for Upgrading, Weigh-Ins and Under 13 Competitions. It can be located on our Technical Official Website page

We are still looking for volunteers for League Round 1 and Oly in the Outback. If you are lifting please sign up to a session.


Queensland Weightlifting Association
ABN 96 027 364 324

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Published on 9 Feb 20 - 9:51