Final Entries & Attendance Process for 2020 Physique Science QWA League comp

Updated final entries can be found HERE  For competition venue information click HERE

We thank you for your patience and co-operation around the COVID Safe conduct of the resumption of QWA State competitions. We continue to research and trial different methods of managing maximum number restrictions, and also the documentation of information for Queensland Health contact tracing.

In an effort to streamline this process we are using Sign-up Schedule for this competition

Athletes will be required to sign-in on arrival at the competition – and ensure they keep their Field of Play pass they are given at sign-in with them. No need to book a spot. Athletes have an automatic allocation of one coach and two spectators via the Sign-up Schedule.

TO’s and official Volunteers will be required to sign in on arrival – and wear a Field of Play pass issued at sign-in in a visually prominent place eg lanyard whilst they are on duty. No need to book a spot.

Coaches need to sign-up for the sessions they have lifters in via the Sign-up Schedule. Then sign in on arrival at the competition, ensuring they wear a Field of Play pass - collected at sign-in, in a visually prominent place eg lanyard. Also please remember your Blue Cards.

Where a coach has more than one lifter in a category and is not using Assistant Coaches for the other lifters, those other Coach allocation spots may be used by an additional spectator of the lifter. ONLY ONE COACH/PERSON PER ATHLETE IS PERMITTED IN THE WARM-UP AREA.

Spectator spots have been set at two per lifter, with an additional allocation of spare spots. Please ensure you only sign-up for the ones you need. All spectator bookings need to include name, phone number and email address. We would prefer that all spectator bookings be made via the Sign-up Schedule by 2.00pm on Friday 4th September. This will enable us to have a speedier check in service at the competition. YOU MUST SIGN-UP ON THE SIGN-UP SCHEDULE IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND AS A SPECTATOR



Do not attend if you are unwell;

Do not attend if you have had contact with a COVID positive person;

Ensure you maintain social distancing;

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly.




Published on 28 Aug 20 - 17:14