Volunteers for Senior States - Blue Cards

Hi All

We have had a huge response for Blue Card applications over the last couple of weeks. The Qld government have made it easier now so you do not need to scan your identification and have your documents signed by the QWA.

If you have not yet applied for your Blue Card please follow the link below and complete the online pre-application. You will receive an email with an ID number which you will need to send to so we can link it to the QWA portal. Once we have linked your ID  number you will be able to finalise your application and have the fee waived. Linking your application to the QWA portal validates your identity so no need to scan identification documents.

Blue Card Applications

As of 31/8 Qld Government changed the legislation that ALL volunteers require a Blue Card when working with children (Under 18) therefore all our Technical Official roles require a Blue Card (Referee,Weigh In, Marshall, Assistant Marshall, Time Keeper and Technical Controller). 

If you have your Blue Card we have QWA lanyards to give you so it is visible during your volunteer role so please ensure that you bring it with you next weekend.

Thank you everyone and look forward to seeing you all at States.

Have now included the completed schedule.


Published on 5 Oct 20 - 11:20