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General FAQ

  • How can I get started in weightlifting?
    The best way to get started is to contact your nearest weightlifting club. You can find a list and location map for all weightlifting clubs in Qld here
    Select the Club name from the list, or click the place marker on the map to see the contact details for the club you’re interested in.
    Have a look at our Weightlifting Fact Sheet
    It’s very important for participants of all ages to follow the guidance of an accredited Weightlifting Coach.
  • At what age can children start weightlifting?
    Children at any age can train and compete in local Club competitions and some State competitions. Young children don’t really start developing strong muscles before they reach puberty, so it’s very important to have realistic expectations of what can be achieved at a young age and to focus on skill  development and having fun.
    Have a look at our Parents Fact Sheet and Females Fact Sheet
    It’s very important for participants of all ages to follow the guidance of an accredited Weightlifting Coach.
  • How much does it cost to join the QWA and what does this include?
    The current yearly membership fees are:
    Seniors/Masters (21 years and over) $85.00
    Juniors (18 to 20 years) $65.00
    Youths (17 years and under) $35.00
    These rates are for a full 12 month period of membership and include Australian Weightlifting Federation registration and insurance.
    Only current members are covered by the Australian Weightlifting Federation insurance that covers you in competition and in training.
    New members also have the option of joining the QWA for a month for $35 – and if they chose to upgrade that 1 month sometime before the month is up to a full year they only pay the difference in cost eg a senior will pay $35 for 1 months membership – 1 week before the end of their month they can choose to upgrade to a yearly membership for $50 – rather than paying the full $85.
    Click this link for more information about insurance: AWF Insurance Policy Information
    Only current members can compete in official weightlifting events - you can view a list of current members online.
    The QWA has Online Membership Registration or Renewal  or people can Download a QWA Membership Form  
  • Does someone who just wants to be a Referee have to pay a membership fee?
    Yes. The QWA values the voluntary service provided to all members by Referees,  and only applies a minimum licence fee for members who only officiate, i.e. Referees who do not also lift or coach. 
    By selecting “Referee Only” on the membership form, you will be registered to officiate only and you will be charged the reduced fee. 
    If Referee Only members wish to change their membership and become registered to lift or coach, they can renew their membership online at any time, deselect “Referee Only”; and pay the balance owing of the full membership fee.
  • What other fees will I have to pay?
    Clubs usually charge training fees and some clubs may charge annual membership fees. These fees may vary and they are set by the individual clubs themselves. Ask your local club about their fee structure.
    Competition entry fees apply to all QWA events. The current entry fee is $30 per competitor per event and $50 for State championships.
  • What equipment do I need for training? A good pair of weightlifting shoes is recommended. You can purchase weightlifting shoes online from the QWA, or a few other retailers eg Ironedge 

    Other than weightlifting shoes, you might want to consider things like wrist straps and knee sleeves and lifting costume, but these are not essential.
  • How do I enter a QWA run competition?
    You can create a QWA Online Account and login via the QWA website to register for a QWA competition online. 
    If you don’t want to register online, contact the QWA Office and request an entry form for the competition you want to enter. Email:
    To enter a Club Competition please contact your local club.
    These links also give more information on preparing for your first competition and working how to warmup
  • Do I have to be a member of a club to compete?
    No. All QWA members are entitled to enter competitions, subject to the requirements of each event. If you are a member of a club affiliated to the QWA, you can compete under the banner of that club. You cannot compete under the banner of an organization that is not affiliated to the QWA. For instance, if you train at XYZ Gym and XYZ GYM is not affiliated to the QWA, then the space next to your name under the “Club” heading on competition scoreboards, results, etc, will be blank.
  • What do I have to wear in competitions?
    The dress requirements depend on the level of the competition.For Club Competitions and some State competitions, competitors can wear an outfit that conforms to the International rules, or they can wear a two-piece costume consisting of close-fitting shorts, plus a close-fitting T-shirt or singlet that covers the torso and does not cover the elbows. Shoes must always be worn.

    For Queensland Senior & Junior Championships and all National and International events, competitors must comply with the regulations of the International Weightlifting Federation, as follows:

    Athletes must wear a weightlifting costume which complies with the fol­lowing criteria:
    must be one piece , must be collarless , may be of any colour , must not cover the elbows , must not cover the knees

    A unitard may be worn under the costume. |
    The unitard must comply with the following criteria:
    must be one piece or two pieces (full body) , must be tight fitting , must be collarless , may cover elbows and knees , may be of any colour , no pattern or design permitted A T-shirt may be worn under the costume.

    The T-shirt must comply with the following criteria:
    must be collarless ,must not cover the elbows , may be of any colour Shorts may be worn under or over the costume.

    Shorts must comply with the following criteria:
    must be tight fitting , must not cover the knees may be of any colour

    Excellent IWF information on full rules for competitor’s clothing
  • Where can I find the competition rules?
    All weightlifting competitions are governed by the International Weightlifting Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations.  You can read or download the IWF Rule Book.
  • Do you have some sample training programs?
    Here are some to suit all levels
  • What age group am I in?
    Under 15: competitors are Under 15 up until 1st January in the year that they turn 16
    ie if on Jan 1 of that year you were still 14 you are U15

    Youth (U17): competitors are Youth up until 1st January in the year that they turn 18
    ie if on Jan 1 of that year you were still 16 you are U17

    Junior (U20): competitors are Junior up until 1st January in the year that they turn 21
    ie if on Jan 1 of that year you were still 19 you are U20

    Senior/Open: competitors of any age

    Masters: competitors are Masters from 1st January in the year that they turn 35 (Note masters is different)
    eg if during that year you turn 40 you are in the 40-44 category

    Masters Age Groups 35–39, 40–44, 45–49, 50–54, 55–59, 60–64, 65–69, 70–74, 75–79, 80+

    More Information on Masters Weightlifting
  • Do weightlifters get drug tested?
    Anyone of any age who competes in weightlifting can be tested at any time for the presence of prohibited substances.
    In Australia, drug testing in sport is conducted by a Federal Government agency called the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).
    Athletes must comply with the testing procedure or face the prospect of registering an anti-doping rule violation for failing to comply. An anti-doping rule violation usually leads to a suspension from all organised sports, not just weightlifting, for up to two years.
    Everyone who competes in organised sport should take extra care with things such as nutritional supplements and medicines. Some supplement products that are legally available to the general public may contain substances that are prohibited in sport; and some prescribed medicines may also be prohibited in sport.
    For more information about anti-doping and prohibited substances, see the ASADA Website
  • How do I Qualify for Qld Championships or National Championships or International Events
    See the Qualifying for Events Page
  • Where can I find information about Coaching Courses?
    The Australian Weightlifting Federation manages and delivers all Weightlifting Coach Education throughout Australia. Click this link for information about the AWF Coach Education Program and upcoming courses: AWF Coach Education
  • Where can I find information about becoming a Weightlifting Referee?
    The QWA delivers Referee Courses through affiliated weightlifting clubs on request. Let the Secretary or Coordinator of your club know that you’re interested in becoming a Referee, or contact the QWA Office by email:  Referee courses are free.
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