QWA League & Masters League Final - Done & dusted!!!

The reintroduction of the QWA League & Masters League competition program in 2019 wasn't as well patronised as we had thought it would be. But for those 26 Weightlifting stalwarts who entered the League Final competing at Milton Weightlifting Club on the 23rd November it was a great event, and a suitable way for the QWA to finish its State competition year.

7 lifters set new personal bests and State & National Records were broken.

QWA League Grand Final competition results are here.

The medallists for all groups can be found below.

Masters Women:

1. Susan Hornick - Cougars Weightlifting Club 

2. Tara Noonan - Cougars Weightlifting Club 

3. Angela Barnas - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

Masters Men:

1. Dion Walmsley

2. Nathan Mortensen

3. Steve Graham - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

Division 4:

1. Maximilian Clark - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club

2. Joshua Reynolds - Jimboomba Barbell Club

3. Levi Deans - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

Division 3:

1. Adair Forsyth - Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 

2. Peter Thomsen - North Brisbane Weightlifting Association

Division 2:

1. Mia Grace - Burleigh Barbell Club

2. Jemma Cowper - Stay True Weightlifting Club

3. Tanya Eames - Toowoomba Weightlifting Association

Division 1:

1. Chevy Sukkar - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

2. Claire Binch - Burleigh Barbell Club

3. Cameron Geraghty - Ipswich Weightlifting Club

Records Broken

Lifter Bwt Cat Age Group Record Level Record Type New Record
Nathan Mortensen M96 Mast 35-39 QLD CJ 131kg
Nathan Mortensen M96 Mast 35-39 AWF TOTAL 236kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 AWF CJ 109kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 QLD CJ 109kg
Steven Graham M81 Mast 45-49 QLD TOTAL 186kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 AWF CJ 77kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 QLD CJ 77kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 AWF TOTAL 136kg
Tara Noonan F55 Mast 35-39 QLD TOTAL 136kg


A big thankyou to Milton Weightlifting Club for hosting the event, and in particular Tim Redhead for his electronic genius in getting the IT requirements of the competition sorted. Thank you also to the volunteers and TO's - couldn't do it without you.smiley

The League will return in 2020 with 2 rounds, and highest combined score from the 2 rounds going into the final. 

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2019 All Schools Championships


St Andrews College Tallebudgera was the host venue for the 2019 All Schools Championships.

What a fantastic campus and a great venue for a Weightlifting competition – so much so that we have been invited back , and accepted, to do it all again next year.

The competition set-up Team Burleigh Barbell Club, Libby, Leanne and all the enthusiastic and supportive staff of St Andrews worked like a well oiled machine setting up the venue, and were there ready and waiting when Alex Croot arrived with the competition platform and competition weight set that he and Bob Kennedy had loaded in the van at Chandler. Alex then went to work armed with his trusty Ryobi putting together the platform, and not content to stop there he went on to officiate all weekend, and as a warm down exercise pulled apart the competition platform and returned it to Brisbane. Big thank you to the team of removalists who unloaded it at Chandler – Alex, Mike Keelan, Luke Gardner, Brandon Wakeling and Leanne Thomas. LEGENDS!!

Once again we had a small core group of very hard working Technical Officials in action, and in addition saw some of our Junior lifters stepping up and learning the TO roles for themselves whilst giving back to the Weightlifting community.

Remember anyone can do the online referee training - free if you are a QWA member. Just log into your QWA account and select the Online Referee Training option.

To keep everyone fed and watered we had the amazing "Miss World" AKA Leandra Miscamble and her team in the canteen, and behind the scene the fabulous bakers who supplied lots of goodies.

91 entries were received for the 3 day competition.

Special guests Jolante & Julian Wojcieszuk once again attended the Championship to present the Roman Wojcieszuk Shield to the winning male team for 2019 - St Andrews College.

The winning female team came from St Michaels College Caboolture under the expert coaching eye of Jade Sharp.

On day 2 we had a special guest performance by Erika Yamasaki lifting superbly in the 55kg category to set new State & National records. And the records continued to be broken all weekend –

Harper Manz, Jett Gaffney, Josh Sargeant, Keira Rangi, Kelsey Francis, Nathan Milham, Te Koria Watene, Olivia Coker and Tori Gallegos. 61 of the lifters recorded a PB!!!

All the results can be found here: RESULTS BOOK


2019 All Schools Championships Best Lifter Awards

Best U13 Female
Keira Rangi of Cougars Weightlifting Club coached by Miles Wydall

Best U13 Male
Levi Deans of the Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club in Nambour, coached by Barry Harden

Best U15 Female
Lily Strange of the North Brisbane Weightlifting Association coached by Christian Hopper

Best U15 Male
Josh Sergeant of Cougars Weightlifting Club, coached by Miles Wydall

Best Open Female
Tori Gallegos of the Toowoomba Weightlifting Association coached by Greg Hobl

Best Open Male
Jett Gaffney of Cougars Weightlifting Club coached by Miles Wydall.

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QWA 2019 League Final Entries and Schedule

2019 QWA League Final

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Venue: Milton Weightlifting Club, Molyfit.








Female Masters





Male Masters



Sunshine Coast/Cougars


Division 3 & 4





Division 1 & 2



Sunshine Coast


There is no need to notify the QWA office of any bodyweight changes for this competition

Photo ID must presented at Weigh-in

Starting attempts must be submitted at time of weigh-in


  • Competitors must wear clothing which conforms to the following:
  • may be one-piece or two pieces but must cover the trunk of the competitor;
  • must be close fitting;
  • must be collar-less;
  • may be of any colour;
  • must not cover the elbows;
  • must not cover the knees.
  • A T-shirt may be worn under the costume. The sleeves must not cover the elbows. This shirt must be collar-less.
  • No t-shirts to be worn over lifting suits;
  • Close fitting leotard / cycling trunks may be worn under or over the costume. They must not cover the knees.
  • An example of an acceptable two-piece costume would be: “Bike pants” which are close fitting and do not cover the knees plus a collarless T shirt or singlet which covers the trunk, is close fitting and does not cover the elbows.
  • Entrants will not be permitted to compete in clothing that does not conform to the rules above.


  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Anything that covers the elbows (apart from a unitard)
  • Any clothing that displays words, slogans, or images other than brand trademarks and/or weightlifting club / team names or logos
  • Lifting belts wider than 120mm



Individual Awards:     

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Division.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Female Masters and Male Masters





Female Masters    
17 Tara Noonan 1980 Cougars
92 Angela Barnas 1980 Sunshine Coast
98 Julie Davis 1952 North Brisbane
230 Colleen Duplock 1954 North Brisbane
291 Susan Hornick 1978 Cougars
Male Masters      
23 Callum Hannay 1979 Burleigh Barbell
132 Dion Walmsley 1966 Unattached
140 Nathan Mortensen 1984 Unattached
162 Steven Graham 1973 Ipswich Weightlifting
Division 3 & 4      
  Division 4    
42 Joshua Reynolds   2004 Jimboomba Barbell
94 Levi Deans  2006 Sunshine Coast
103 Rebecca Smith  1982 Milton
149 Rachel McDonald (McClure)  1991 Sunshine Coast
208 Maximilian Clark  2000 Sunshine Coast
248 Matthew Barrett  2003 Sunshine Coast
  Division 3    
58 Adair Forsyth  1996 Sunshine Coast
216 Peter Thomsen  1964 North Brisbane
267 Kevin Leong  1995 Ipswich Weightlifting
Division 1 & 2 Division 2    
19 Mia Delos  1991 Burleigh Barbell
20 Jemma Cowper  1991 Stay True
246 Tanya Eames  1987 Toowoomba
  Division 1    
53 Chevy Sukkar  1992 Ipswich Weightlifting
112 Jack Major  1995 Ipswich Weightlifting
119 Cameron Geraghty  1992 Ipswich Weightlifting
123 Claire Binch  1988 Burleigh Barbell
131 Chevy Sukkar  1992 Ipswich Weightlifting
227 Makayla Dingle  2001 Ipswich Weightlifting


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2020 Australian Open date change

Dear State Members,


Please note that due to venue considerations, the date of the 2020 Australian Open has changed. This event will now take place at the AIS, Canberra, on Friday 28th February – Sunday 1st March, 2020.


Consequently, the qualifying period has been extended to 22nd December 2019; and the entry closing date is now Friday 27th December 2019.

From the Office of the AWF.

Published on 6 Nov 19 - 16:27

2020 National & Oceania Masters event - Cairns

Please find here the competition information and regulations for the 2020 AWF National Masters Championships and Oceania Masters Open, being held at Cairns QLD, on 5 – 7 June 2020.

Published on 31 Oct 19 - 10:26


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