News Update

COVID Safe information as of 3rd July 2020

It is great to see some ense of normality finally returning to Weightlifting life.

Please find updated information HERE. Contact me if you would like clarification on any of the points.

Now is probably a good time to congratulate yourselves on the success you made of instituting the necessary changes to return to play.

It may also be a good time for you to survey your club members for positives that have come out of the experience eg set training times in some clubs have developed closer relationships with their training group; Weightlifting is a community of volunteer driven Clubs and not a "pay & go" environment. To ensure that the sport and clubs flourish, and so that we can continue to be able to keep fees low, we need everyone at every level to put in time to help deliver the sport.

QWA calendar

Please find below dates for competitions & AWF Coaching courses for the remainder of 2020.

Some venues are yet to be confirmed *

15-16 August Queensland U15/U17 State Championships *

29-30 August AWF Level 1 Coaching course - Cairns

5-6 September QWA Physique Science League Round 2 competition*

12-13 September AWF Level 2 Coaching course - Milton, Brisbane

26-27 September AWF Level 1 Coaching Course - Milton, Brisbane

10-11 October Qld State Senior Championships – Cougars Weightlifting Club Chandler, Brisbane

6-8 November QWA All Schools Championships, West Tallebudgerra

14-15 November QWA Physique Science League Final*

29 Nov-13 December QWA Club Challenge Round 3 in conjunction with Club Christmas/end of year scheduled competitions. Clubs who hadn’t previously planned on having a competition over this period are asked to send in requests for these to be added by Friday 10th July.

The QWA Club Challenge Round 2 to be run 24-26 July is now open for entry online. Remember all entries need to be made online. 

U13 Age Group competitions 2020

With a number of competitions cancelled because of COVID restrictions we have had to amalgamate some competitions into the one event to fit into a very tight 6 month window of opportunity. Modified competitions for Under 13 QWA lifters will be incorporated into both the Qld U15/U17 State Championships and the All Schools Championships.

QWA Membership

You may have let your QWA membership lapse over the COVID restriction period. Just remember that you will need to renew this to ensure your insurance cover is current. Find information about AWF Insurance here:

Policy Updates

The updated approved QWA constitution coming out of this years AGM can be found here:

Responsible Social Media Use

The QWA Management Committee embraces the use of social media for the promotion, development and delivery of QWA programs and services.

The QWA Management Committee recognises that all members can communicate online in many ways such as through social media, networking sites, blogs and personal websites and Facebook, however, all QWA members need to use good judgement about what material appears online, and in what context.

The QWA Social Media Policy is intended to provide clarity to QWA members on how to conduct themselves appropriately in social media and inform them of their responsibilities when using social media. It encourages members to exercise their voice in social media, while protecting the interests of the Associations members.

Refresh your knowledge of the policy here:

Officiating News

The AWF has announced the launch of the AWF Technical Official Hub, hosted on the CourseSites Learning Management System, enabling online education courses for Weightlifting Referees at Club level and State level. These courses are intended to provide new and developing Technical Officials with the information and learning experiences that they would otherwise receive via the face-to-face presentations that States have been delivering so well for many years. In addition to completing the educational units online, candidates must still work through the practical components of the Officiating Pathway (attached) under the guidance of a State-approved Mentor. So, while the AWF is pleased to be able to offer these online courses to make the process easier and more accessible, control over the accreditation of Club Referees and State Referees remains firmly with each State Member Association.

When candidates complete the online course, they are directed to contact their State Technical Coordinator to continue their training. To this end, could you please provide the name and email address of your State Technical Coordinator by return email and this will be added to the online system. If your State doesn’t currently have a Technical Coordinator, there are some guidelines below that might help you to recruit a suitable person. Similarly, there is also a general outline of the requirements of an Officiating Mentor below, which may be of some assistance in identifying suitable Mentors for your State Officiating Program.

The Club Referee and State Referee courses are available now and a video tutorial/user guide will be added within the next two weeks. To access the courses, use the link in the attached Pathway document or CLICK HERE


Published on 3 Jul 20 - 15:30

Date change for Queensland State Senior Championships 2020

The AWF has confirmed the date of this year's National Senior Championship as the 27-28th November in Sydney. Dependant on entry numbers the event may commence prior to the 27th. The qualifying period for the event is now 15th February 2020 - 11th October 2020. Entries for the Nationals will close 16 October via the QWA Office.

The QWA advises all QWA members that the 2020 Queensland State Senior Championships will now be held on the 10-11 October. We are waiting on confirmation from Cougars Weightlifting Club about their ability to host the event on the changed dates. 

At this point we don't have confirmed dates/venues for the remaining age group National Championships.

Published on 16 Jun 20 - 17:00

AWF iSO LIFT 2020 Results

Congratulations to those Queenslanders who took part in the AWF iS0 LIFT 2020.

Queenslanders finishing in the top 3 of each age group were:

Female Masters:

2nd Fiona Redhead - Milton Weightlifting Club

3rd Rebecca Kane - Cougars Weightlifting Club

Female Senior:

2nd Morgan Lund - Townsville

Male Youth:

1st Max Toller - Dungeon Barbell Club

2nd Jack Gibson - BIMSC

Female U15: 

3rd Jessica Brouff - Milton Weightlifting Club

Male U15:

2nd Tait Stuart - Toowoomba Weightlifting Association

Find full results : HERE


Published on 8 Jun 20 - 14:04

QWA News 15th May 2020

Hoping that you are all keeping well, and managing to do at least a little bit of training so your return to the gym isn’t too much of a shock!!

Following Wednesday evenings QWA Management Committee meeting via Teleconference we wish to advise:

Return to Sport Update

The QWA office/Management Committee is very much involved with information sharing and pre planning with State peak bodies regarding the return of play for sport in Queensland. Restrictions being lifted as of 15th May are only intended to apply to LEISURE ACTIVITIES. Not organised return to training. Our first opportunity to recommence training within our clubs will be the 12th June.  In the period from now until the June date the QWA will be finalising our draft COVID – Safe document to go to the QLD Government for approval so that we are up and ready to roll come June 12th. This can then be adopted by our affiliated clubs whilst taking into consideration their own unique differences - size of each facility, membership numbers etc. The workload of the Chief Health Officer and team is already significant so please do not lodge individual plans for your club with them. More prescriptive infomration is expected from the Department of Sport in the next few days.

Who, What, When, Where...

Items you could start thinking about are the sizes of your floor space, access to hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser, scheduling training sessions to specific times and duration, supplies you will need for gym equipment to be cleaned between use by different members, how you are going to educate members on a standard cleaning regime, removal of bench seating and adding in single seating per platform, removal of chalk bowls, gym signage that reminds members about healthy community guidelines, where possible one designated entry point with another used for exit, and how to keep data on every individual gym member who uses your facility during this period re contact details, training time, platform number - in a contact-free manner, environmental cleaning of your gym and in particular high touch areas including shared bathrooms.

Member Engagement

We have had two Teleconference meetings with Club Representatives during the shut- down period, and plan to continue these into the future on a monthly basis – circulating through different regions with small groups of up to 5 clubs invited to specific meetings.

Thank you to Tara Noonan for her series of Social Media Posts featuring our Olympic hopefuls.

You have a chance of winning one of three prize packs of a pair of QWA socks and a QWA lanyard by logging into your QWA account and doing your Online Referee training – you can redo a level or choose to complete a new level. Remember we are aiming for all active QWA Technical Officials to complete online referee training yearly. Promotion concludes 12 June 2020.


Taking into account Queensland Government restrictions on the organisation of mass gatherings and the earliest date for the relaxation of restrictions on the size of gatherings set as the 10th July we wish to provide some advice about up and coming events on the existing QWA calendar.

The Club Challenge will be the first competition back - July 24-26. This will also align with the Eleiko Email Tournament dates.

Formal postponement of the Youth & U15 States at Toowoomba in light of return to mass gathering predicted dates falling only 1 week prior to the scheduled competition date was agreed on. This will assist with any changes to the proposed 10th July date by QLD Government, and also allow for an appropriate lead time for organising a State Championship Competition.

We will also have more information to share once we hear AWF plans for the resumption of National Championships. Our existing calendar will then be updated.

Other items to consider may be that as there is no qualifying standard required for competition in the U15 Nationals, and to work through limits to size of gatherings, there may be no State U15 Championships in 2020, just an Under 17 Championships. All going well U15’s will have the All Schools to look forward to in November.

Lets all make sure we do the right thing so that we can return to some level of business as usual. Remember restrictions are set by the State Government and can be changed with little or no prior notice responding to the state of the communities health at large.

Active QWA Coaches

The QWA is pleased to introduce a policy of decreased membership fee rate for QWA Coaches with 5 or more registered QWA member lifters. These eligible QWA coaches will be able to take out  Competition Official Non Lifter/Non Coach membership and still be fully covered for competing/lifting themselves. A small thank you for the vital role they play in our sport.


Reminder to support the AWF iSO LIFT Virtual Tournament. Find more information here:

The updated QWA Social Media Policy can be found HERE

This will replace the existing document currently on the QWA Website. Remember that when you sign up as a QWA member you are agreeing to abide by all of the policy’s of the QWA.

The QWA now has its very own QWA lanyards. QWA members with a Blue Card will be eligible for a free lanyard – to be collected at specified competitions on presentation of your Blue Card, or you will be able to purchase them from our Merchandise store:

Blue Cards can be applied for during this period – just use 15 Barrie Road, Araluen, Q 4570 as the postal address rather than the usual QWA address. Applications can also be emailed in at any time to or

Any questions regarding any of the above please email

Have an awesome weekend!



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Queensland to Tokyo - Charisma Amoe-Tarrant

Queensland to Tokyo - Charisma Amoe-Tarrant

With the recent world events, the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games has been postponed exactly one year, and will now be celebrated 23 July 2021 – 8 August 2021.

Another interview in our series introducing Queensland's Olympic hopefuls... working towards making their dreams of representing our sport on the biggest stage of all, come true.

With her signature hype-call and a showstopping 260kg back squat, the energy Cougars Weightlifting Club athlete Charisma Amoe-Tarrant brings to a room is contagious and electric.

After winning a silver medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games for her birth country of Nauru, Charisma made the emotional decision to switch her sporting nationality to Australia, having lived here since 2012 and becoming a citizen in 2016.

Charisma has since donned the green and gold at a number of international competitions, and hopes to add the Olympic Games to her already impressive competition history.

I’ve been doing weightlifting for a while now, almost 10 years. The first time I touched a bar was in my birth country Nauru. I was 11 years old and not very keen on it, as at the time I was focusing more on shot put and discus.

I was tricked into doing the sport by my uncle, who was a weightlifting coach at the time. He'd been nagging me to join and I kept saying "no", but eventually we struck up a deal to train together for one week, and if after that I still didn’t like lifting, he would leave me alone!

He must have seen the potential in me, because after that first week of training with him I fell in love with the sport and completely forgot about all my other goals and just wanted to keep lifting.

How are you involved with developing the sport of weightlifting in Queensland?

I’m not officially involved with coaching, but I try to help out anyone who has questions, and by setting an example to the younger lifters in the gym.

Really, all I want is to make sure that I support everyone in any way that I can, and when they’re doing well, in training or competition... I can’t help but get fired up!

How have your training priorities changed in the lead up to Tokyo 2020?

Training has changed a lot since COVID-19 showed up. With the Olympics being pushed to next year, I’m using this time to focus more on myself mentally, since I have my moments now and then with the sport. I'm resetting my mind again. I am also very lucky and grateful for my good friend Mia for letting me train at her place during this time.

Who are your supporters and sponsors who have helped on your Olympic Games journey?

There are lot of people who are supporting me on this journey, the Australian Weightlifting Federation, my friends, family and grandparents, and coach Angela Wydall.

Angie has been nothing but patient with me since I started training with her. I’m not perfect, I've had so many up-and-down moments I didn’t think anyone would be able to keep up! But she is always there no matter what, and for that I am very grateful to her. No words can describe how thankful I am (and also sorry for always making her worry about me all the time!).

Tell us about your life outside the gym.

When I'm not training I love spending time with family and friends, otherwise really I’m just focusing on training and nothing else.

What would it mean to you to make the 2020 Australian Olympic Team?

To make it to the Olympics would sure be an early dream come true, but if I don't make it, I would still be grateful for the opportunity to be in the running at least. There’s always a next time, and you just gotta keep trying no matter what. Never regret, always be thankful.


Charisma is in hot contention for the Continental – Oceania spot in the F87+ category.

The Tokyo Summer Olympic Games will now be held 23 July 2021 – 8 August 2021.



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