2016 National Championships - Part 1

The Event

By Ian Moir

Well, the National Senior & Junior Championships are over for another year and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t mean that I’m glad the championships are over; but rather that, as the manager of the competition and the host organisation this year, I’m delighted that the show went off almost without a hitch.

There were a couple of small deficiencies, but they went unnoticed by almost everyone else and I can honestly say that, to my mind and to my great satisfaction, this was the best National Championships that the QWA has ever delivered.

There were a number of factors that contributed to the event’s success, not least of which was the contribution made by dozens of people in various roles who performed their duties with skill and dedication. The superb venue also played a big part. If only the warm-up area was twice its current size, the Chandler Theatre could do justice to a world championship event.

I’m sincerely grateful to all of the Technical Officials and other volunteers who contributed so magnificently to the success of this event; and I’d like to make special mention of a few people in particular.

Firstly, Mike Keelan. Not only did Mike lift and carry bars, weights and pieces of platform to set up and dismantle the competition, but he even brought his own truck in to do it! Then he and Lyn Jones alternated, session by session, as the competition announcers. It was just great work all round.

Craig Wegert. Craig arranged the hoarding and signage that made an excellent backdrop to the competition platform, all at no cost to the AWF or QWA. And he too brought his own truck! Craig and Barry Harden also graciously took on extra officiating duties when a couple of other technical officials had to withdraw at short notice.

Damon Kelly. Damon did it all. He helped with the setup on Thursday; loaded and officiated on Friday; competed on Sunday and won his 10th National Championship title; and then helped to pull it all apart on Sunday night. Legend!

Bowen Stuart. Bowen helped with the heavy lifting before the competition and then spent three days in the control room at the top of the theatre, making sure that the event was broadcast worldwide via the internet; and taking thousands of photos for us all to enjoy later, on the AWF Facebook page.

Melissa Robinson and Jason Tong. A couple of outstanding medical professionals who took good care of two lifters who unfortunately sustained serious injuries. Thank you, Mel and Jason. The wellbeing of all competitors could not have been in better hands.

Daniel Morrison loaded all day on the Friday and came back for more on Saturday and Sunday. In all, Dan loaded the barbell for eight out of the thirteen competition sessions. Dan is The Man.

Ethan Catlow-Elliott turned up to load every session that he had volunteered for; and didn’t hesitate to put his hand up for more work when there were gaps to be filled. A first-class effort, Ethan.

And to our Tasmanian and Western Australian friends who stayed back and helped with the bump-out on Sunday night: your generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you came to the National Championships in Brisbane last weekend and enjoyed the experience, as a competitor, as a coach, or as a spectator; and you see one of the people listed below at your club or at some future event, please go up to them and just say: “thanks for what you did at the nationals”. They deserve it.

CICK HERE  for the Championships Results Book.

Published on 16 Sep 16 - 11:41