Volunteer Roster Queensland Junior and U23 Championships

Once again many thanks to all who have jumped in to help, with a final push we got there!

Please note some sessions were short on volunteers and you may have been 'shuffled' around to another position, the roster has been finalised in another format and may not reflect the same as the actual sign up schedule.

Any requests for changes must be emailed to directly or please feel free to call during reasonable hours on 0466 615300 before the event commences.


CLICK HERE  for your TO Schedule.


We are very pleased to annouce this event will be live streamed by Bowen Stuart

Uniform – white shirt and navy trousers/skirt/dress shorts to be worn by all official TO’s, jackets are required, also dont forget your special badges.

Loaders - Please wear your own Club or QWA T-shirt, also please wear closed in shoes.

We are going to have a separate area for the volunteers to help themselves to tea/coffee/bottled water so you will not need drink vouchers but food vouchers will be handed out.

Where possible TO’s should be ready 15 minutes before the start of their sessions.


Also please be reminded for those who havent yet applied : -

Are you currently an active Technical Official for Queensland? Do you hold a BlueCard?  

As a volunteer Queensland legislation requires anyone working with children to hold a BlueCard regardless of how often you come in contact with children.

If you do not have a Bluecard it's easy to apply and it's free. If you do have a Bluecard then you just need to link your existing card.


New Application:

Link Existing Card:

There is also THIS LINK if you need any assistance. We would like all our TOs to have completed this by 30/6/2019.

If you have any questions about the Bluecard there is a link below:


Look forward to seeing you all this weekend!



Published on 15 Apr 19 - 17:08