Tech0 News August 2019


At the recent QLD U15 and Youth Championships we initiated the implementation of Blue Card visibility. We spoke to many of our Technical Officials about holding a Blue Card and creating that visibility at all our competitions including club competitions. This is something that we are going to continue to progress for the remainder of the year.

The Blue Card system is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people implemented by the QLD Government. It aims to minimise the risks of harm to children and young people including volunteers. We have been advised by the QLD Government that going into 2020 it will be a NO CARD NO WORK approach  (even for volunteers), so we are trying to ensure that we are ahead of the game and ticking all the right boxes.

Who needs a Blue Card?

Police and Teachers are exempt but do need to apply for an EXEMPTION card through the Blue Card services.

Everyone else however does need to apply for a Blue Card regardless of your work-related role.

It’s easy to apply, it’s free and takes approximately 2 weeks to receive your Blue Card. If you have an exisompetitilonsting Blue Card you will need to link it to the QWA.





Once you have your Blue Card please update your QWA account with the Card Number and Expiry date

In September the AWF National Youth & U15 Championships will be held in Brisbane. We would like to ensure that all our QLD Technical Officials that will be volunteering will have their Blue Cards and will be wearing them when they are on duty.


As our sport continues to grow and we hold more and more QWA competitions throughout the year, it takes even more volunteers to run these competitions. Without the Technical Officials, loaders, coaches, and club members that give up their time the competitions would not eventuate.

This year we have been struggling each time there is a sign-up schedule sent out to fill all our spots. We are trying to fill spots up to the last minute. We thank those who continually give up their time to support the sport we all love but we really need more members to come onboard.

So, what are the benefits?

ü Personally, I have met loads of people and made many friends as we all have something in common – weightlifting.

ü As a Masters lifter who competes regularly I like to give back to the sport that supports me when I am on the competition platform.

ü I have gained new skills and learnt the rules of the sport which I compete in. Every weightlifter should know the rules especially if you are competing. Know your sport!

Look you don’t need to become a referee but there are roles that don’t require a qualification like loading and the computer.

However, if you would like to become a referee it’s as easy as completing the online club referee course through your QWA account to obtain your Club level and start refereeing at Club competitions to build up your experience and confidence. We are able to provide mentors if you need assistance or just have some questions. Referees at all levels you can fast track your development by volunteering to assist at other clubs than your own competitions. Just check the calendar for whats on, where, and then find the contact details for the club on the Club Locator page of the QWA website and let them know you would like to help out at their competition.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about Volunteering please let us know. We welcome any ideas that may encourage more volunteers into our sport.

We will be updating our “Become an Official” page on our website with easy to follow steps to becoming an official, how to upgrade if you are already an official and recognising each month any officials that have upgraded and more.

We also have our Technical Official Guidebook there which has some great information for potential and current TOs.

You will also notice when you log into the online referee training that there has been a State level course added - anyone who has completed their club level is welcome to do this course. The practical part of upgrade to State level can be facilited by contacting the QWA office or Rawena.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions about Volunteering or Blue Cards please feel free to contact me


Rawena Tairi


Queensland Weightlifting Association

Published on 5 Aug 19 - 17:10